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Welcome To O'Botz Naroda, Ahmedabad

O’Botz Naroda based in Ahmedabad is a multi-disciplinary Robotics & Coding Program for children aged 6-18 years. O’Botz Naroda is your child’s friend for machine, electronics & programming-based learning. It is a multi-disciplinary program with a specially designed curriculum to teach children aged 6-18 years about robotics and coding.

Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Robotics

Build Your Child's Future in Robotics With O'Botz Naroda, Ahmedabad

Robotics for kids is a fun and interactive approach for learning STEM principles by allowing them to build their robots.

By learning robotics for kids at a young age, children gain a competitive edge and position themselves for success in the future job market.

O'Botz Naroda Develops In-Demand Skills in Children


Mechanics has a direct impact on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination of children, while enhancing their cause and effect reasoning capabilities. Small machines and robots foster curiosity and a sense of exploration.


Studies have revealed that a curriculum having electronics enhances literacy capabilities in kids. It improves learning skills, logical thinking and memory retention power in children.


When children understand the process of developing an algorithm, it helps them lay a strong foundation of logical thinking and problem-solving mindset. Children also enhance cross-disciplinary skills.

Coding / Programming

Children who code are usually also good in academics. Coding for kids improves their math and writing skills, while instilling valuable skills in life, which eventually will help in future professional jobs.

Keep Your Kids Busy During the Summer Holidays & Enrich Your Childrens Learning Robotics With O'Botz Naroda, Ahmedabad

How O'Botz Robotics Helps

Scientific Application

O'Botz nurtures the scientific thinking processes in children, including observation, logical thinking, analytical approach and technical capabilities.

Innovative Mindset

O'Botz program is structured to develop a mindset of innovation in children. The students are encouraged to be solution seekers and problem solvers.

Futuristic Skills

From building simple operative machines to humanoids, students undergo rigorous processes and develop futuristic STEM capabilities.


The program deconstructs the complexity of robotics into simple & fun learning. Our students develop self-confidence of creating robotics models.

O'Botz Naroda's Robotics Course

Why Choose O’Botz Robotics in Naroda, Ahmedabad For Robotics Education

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